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Caramel Chords
Suzanne Vega - Caramel
normal tuning

Gm7      353333		
C#7      x4342x		
D7sus4/A x0553x	
D7       x5453x
G7       353433
Cm7      x35343
Dm7      x57565
D#maj7   x68786 
G        355433
Gm       355333

INTRO Gm7 Eb5 D7

         Gm7  C#7       D7sus4/A     D7
It won't do          to dream of caramel,
      D7sus4/A          D7               Gm7  Eb5 D7
to think of cinnamon       and long for you.

It won't do        to stir a deep desire,
to fan a hidden fire that can never burn true.

Cm7    Dm7     D#maj7     Dm7       Cm7
     I know your name, I know your skin,
  Dm7            D#maj7       D7
I know the way these things begin;
            G     Gm               D7sus4/A        D7
But I don't know        how I would live with myself,
            D7sus4/A      D7
what I'd forgive of myself
             Gm7  D7       
if you don't go.

So goodbye,       sweet appetite,
no single bite     could satisfy...


It won't do        to dream of caramel, 
to think of cinnamon      and long
for you.

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About the artist behind Caramel Chords:

Suzanne Nadine Vega, born 11 July 1959 in Santa Monica, California) is an American songwriter and singer known for her highly literate lyrics and eclectic folk-inspired music. Record companies saw little prospect of commercial success in the beginning; Vega's demo tape was rejected by every major record company—twice by A&M. In 1984 she was finally signed by A&M, and she is now a Grammy nominated artist. Two songs of Vega's (from her second album – Solitude Standing 1987) that were very popular are Luka and Tom's Diner, which has been interpolated into many recordings by various artists.

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