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Keystone Clan Acoustic

Bm G D A

[Verse 1]

Bm                               G
Well she told me she loved me on the summer i turned 18 
D                                A
She was a blue eyed blonde she was every young mans dream 
Bm                         G
i was just a young pup, still wet behind the ears
D                               A
smoking left handed ciggarettes and drinkin cheap beer 

[Verse 2]

Bm                           G
my cousin had a single wide out north of town 
D                                  A
daddys would grounf their daughters if they came around 
Bm                                G             D
we were a keystone clan not much for moonshine kentucky deluxe and A 32 OUNCE 
couple boxes of bag wine 

[Verse 3]

Bm                 G
Never took it easy we were always hammered down 
D                          A
never had girlfriends unless they lived in seperate towns 
Bm                  G 
Had a little money but we never had much 
Bm              A             D
the last thing we wanted was love

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