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Gunshy Acoustic
Artist: Read Southall
Song: Gunshy 
Album: Six String Sorrow

No Capo 

C#m A E x2

B                 A                E
Your alot of fun your young and good lookin too
B                 A                E
and i dont mind at all waking up next to you 
B                 A                E
weve been running around the past few weeks 

untill you stopped one night and said to me 

where are we and wheres this goin 

i rolled over said i dont know 

why we gotta put a label on something 

she said grow up and walked out my door 

C#m                     A         E
Sorry darlin if ive been a little gunshy 
C#m                     A         E
there aint nothin wrong with you 
C#m                     A         E
it just scares me to death layin by your side 
C#m                     A         E
after what the last one put me through 
youd be gunshy too 

rest of the song is the same except for the bridge!

C#m                  A
im not sayin it wont eventually work out 
C#m                  B
im just sayin not right now

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