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Seven Years Gone
Song: Seven Years Gone
Artist: Quasi
Album: Hot Shit
Standard Tuning

E G# A B (x3)
E G# A-A#-B
E           G#
Seven years gone
A                  B
Skeleton pilot the ghost ship home

E          G#   A
He carried on
But now he's all alone
A                  G#
Dead on his feet
He hits the streets of old town
          F#    G#  
Without a dime
Sweet baby's breath
Can bring him back from death any time

E G# A B
E G# A-A#-B

E              G#
Preacher Jack, high on crack
A                B
Quote the Bible, pass the hat
E              G#
Dan the pimp, Don the gimp
A                B
Mike the ape and Tom the chimp
A               G#
Newspaper says: We support the Prez
            C#m             F#    G#  A
The "War on Terror" -- bombs away
How much is lies? And how much just unwise?
        E    G# A B
I can't say

E G# A-A#-B

E        G#
Queen of spades
A                 B
Close the window, pull the shade
E          G#    A           B
She had it made, back in the days of the flat top fade
Stays in her room
G#                    C#m                   F#   G#
She owes the moon a fortune she could never pay
A                      B                       E   
She hopes and she prays but the moon won't go away

G# A B
E G# A-A#-B (hold B and then B7 til the end)
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