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CONCLUSION from Q-South/Q-South 1997

[Em]And in the end the pieces all [A]come together
I can't tell you [Em]when until then we [A]must endeavor
all of the [Em]rotten gazes and the lifeless places
I [A]hide the truth from myself   [C]
so that the days don't seem as [AaddD/C#]long and I move on[Em]

And in the [Em]end a price is placed o[A]n the treasure
you will never [Em]live up to what [A]you were measured
all of the [Em]people before you

and those who ignored you
I [A]hide the truth from myself [C]
so that the days don't seem as [AaddD/C#]long and I move on [Em]
Heaven knows I've [Bm]tried to come to a [F#m]conclusion 2x
this reach for the roof [Bm]   [F#m]
And in the [Em]end the answer is less [A]complicated
and in the [Em]end life is then [A]what you've made it
and in the [Em]end now stop me if I am [A]wrong
[C]but the days don't seem as long  [Em]

Words and music by Walker Hornung ASCAP

Into the Whip Records
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