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Beautiful Loser
Beautiful Loser

From the C.D. Q-South by Q-South

on Times Square/Into the Whip Records 1997

Once when you were mine we walked alone in soul tranquility
Once it had to end the perfect stop to make me start again
         B7      Em             C
Chorus: Love, love, if only I were someone else
 B7      Em             C
love, love, if only I were someone else
 Em       C
love, love, love
It all comes down to me the answers and the questions perfectly.
what is left to be. Everything was everything to me. Can't you see?
At least I am alone, alone is one thing I found I can be
Years can fall behind but days remain in front for all to see


Deleo/Hornung ASCAP

Song is tuned down a half step from 440, Harmonica is in the key of B flat
The B7 is picked for guitar riff

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