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Move Over Busker
"Move Over Busker" (capo: 5th. fret)

_____Intro: Em---Em/D---C#m7b5---Cmaj7 (4 times)

_____Verse: 1

E                                                           C#m
 Well, the rest of my life lay in front of me, I was pedaling down the road, 
         D                                            E
 when I saw Nell Gwynne and her oranges, and I said, "I'll have one of those!" 
          A           B      A               B    
 She said, Move over, busker, don't bang the drum, 
A           B                       E
 Move over, busker, your time will come.

_____Verse: 2

E                                               C#m
 Well, I was hanging around for a miracle, struggling with a rhyme, 
         D                                         E
 when I saw Mae West in a sweaty vest, and I said "I'll come up and see you some time". 
          A            B      A              B    
 She said, "Move over, busker, that's not my style, 
A               B                   E
 your chance is coming in a little while."


Em                   Em/D             
 You've got it coming, come on, come on, 
C#m7b5                 Cmaj7
 you've got it coming, coming to you. (Repeat Bridge)


A                            F#m
 Well, I've been waiting, (waiting) but I'm impatient, 
            D                     E
 no one can hold me back, I wanna stay with the action. 
             A                           F#m    
 But I won't get it, (get it) my great illusion 
             D                 E
 will vanish anyhow if I don't grab it now.

_____Music: D   E (3 times)

_____Verse: 3

A                                                                     F#m
 Well, I was hacking my way through the undergrowth, juggling with my pride, 
        G                                             A
 when I saw Errol Flynn in a tiger skin, and I said, "you look satisfied!" 
A                                                                           F#m
 Uh, well, he looked down at me from his motor home, and he gave me a dirty smile. 
           G                                                  A
 He said, "Well, yes, I am, but she's calling me, would you excuse us for a while?"

D                 E      D            E        
 Yeah, move over, busker, your day is done, 
D           E                   A
 Move over, busker, my time has come.
                   D          E                         
 I'm telling you to move over busker (come on, come on), 
D              E     
 I'll bang my drum (come on, come on). 
D           E                   A      
 Move over, busker, my time has come. 
  Am            Asus  Am    Asus  Am
 (you've got it co____ming, co____ming to you). 
 D              E
 Oh, move over, busker, (come on, come on) 
D                     E
 yeah, your day, your day is done. (come on, come on) 
D           E                   A
 Move over, busker, my time has come.
  Am            Asus  Am    Asus  Am   A
 (you've got it co____ming, co____ming to you)
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