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Your Song
Tabbed by: Benjie Paraggua
Tuning: Standard

Capo 2nd fret.


    B      F#      G#m      E
e|  x      x        4       4
B|  x      x        4       5
G|  2      3        4       4
D|  2      4        6       x
A|  x      4        6       x
E|  x      x        4       x

[Verse 1]

      B         F#
it took one look
        G#m                E
then forever laid out in front of me
        B          F#
one smile then i died
     G#m                E
only to be revived by you
         B              F#                     G#m
there i was thought i had everything figured out
     E                              B
it goes to show just how much i know
           E               F#
about the way life plays out


     B        F#    E
i take one step away
         G#m   -    F#       B       F#
then i find myself coming back to you
    E            G#m -  F#         B  F#  G#m  E
my one and only one and only you

[Verse 2]

now i know
         F#                   G#m
that i know not a thing at all
  E                            B
except the fact that i'am yours
          E         F#
and that you are mine


 G#m        F#                             E
oh if they told me that this wouldn't be easy

G#m     F#             E
and no i'm not one to complain

Slight E chord change in Bridge




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