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Nos Vimos En Berlin Tab
SOZIEDAD ALKOHOLIKA, Nos vimos en Berlin.
Tabbed by Juan gomez, [email protected]
Band: Soziedad Alkoholika
Album: Soziedad Alkoholika
Song: Nos vimos en Berlin                 

Verso (verse):

 e |----------------------------------|
 B |----------------------------------|
 G |---9---8-9---8-9---5*---8*-9------|
 D |---9---8-9---8-9---5*---8*-9------|
 A |---7---6-7---6-7---3*---6*-7------|
 E |----------------------------------|

 * :- 3 VECES CADA ACORDE (each chord 3 times)


 e |--------------------|
 B |--------------------|
 G |---5*----8*---------|
 D |---5*----8*---3-----|
 A |---3*----6*---3-----|
 E |--------------1-----|

 * :- 3 VECES CADA ACORDE (each chord 3 times)

 e |---------------------------------|
 B |---------------------------------|
 G |----5*---------8910--10--------|
 D |----5*---------8910--10--------|
 A |----3*---------678---8---------|
 E |---------------------------------|

 * :- 5 VECES CADA ACORDE (each chord 5 times)


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About the artist behind Nos Vimos En Berlin Tab:

Soziedad Alkoholika (abbreviated to SA) is a band from the Basque Country in Spain. They were founded in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1988. The style of their music is crossover thrash, and the lyrics are against militarism, fascism, racism, sexism and others themes. The band was censored for about three years due to their lyrics in a few songs by the Asociación de Víctimas del Terrorismo (AVT).

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