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If I Had Any Pride
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Date: Mon, 25 Dec 1995 14:08:56 -0600 (CST)
From: "Lynn R. Francis" 
Subject: John Berry,  If I Had Any Pride

As performed by John Berry.

If I Had Any Pride

By John Berry

D  Dsus4

D...                     G     |   C    |               G       |
    I wouldn't count the times...    we talked about tommorrow...

G         |               Em       |    C      |                  D     Dsus4
    And I wouldn't seen.. the light...    when someone played our song...

D     |                  G     |             Am    |       C             |
   On lonely nights like this  when I need a friend  you'd be the last one

Am      |       G        |      C        D          G    |
I'd call...      oh if I had... any pride... left... at all...

D...                   G     |   C   |                G       |
     I wouldn't keep a place...      just to sit your picture...

G         |                 Em   |   C     |              D     Dsus4
    Reach out to touch your face...    and feel you in my arms...

D      |                  G    |                  Am    |
   And I wouldn't be here now  parked outside your house

C           |     Am    |     G        |      C       D       G    |
I'm not ashamed... to crawl... oh if I had... any pride.. left at all...

C        D                 G            C
Only a fool would still be wearing this dream...

Am           |            D    Dus4
Ringing your front door bell...

D...                      G     |   C      |                   G       |
    Now I wouldn't let my heart...    stay wrapped around your finger...

G         |             Em   |   C           |          D     Dsus4
    Now I wouldn't fall apart...    when you open the door...

D       |             G        |                  Am    |
   Like all the other times..  when your eyes met mine...

C          |           Am   |     G        |      C        Bm      C    |
These tear drops... wouldn't fall... oh if I had... any pride... left at all...

G        |      C        D       G    D   G...
oh if I had... any pride... left at all...

Lynn R. Francis
[email protected]
Texas State Technical College
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About the artist behind If I Had Any Pride:

John Barry, OBE (born John Barry Prendergast on 3 November 1933 in York, England) is a renowned Golden Globe and five-time Academy Award-winning English film score composer.

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