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Conquer The World
Standard Tuning - Capo 1.

Chord repeat over. At times the C would be replaced with another D, this normally 
happens in the chorus and the final C in the Pre-Chorus

Em, G, D, C x2

Em, G, D, C
I know how it feels to cry in the middle of the night
But nobody else from my side know know
If you need to escape the dark, let me be your light
So know that you don€™t have to be alone in this fight, no

Em, G, D, C
Em, G, D, C - one strum on the C

Em, G, D, C.
Dont ever give up, on us, on us, on us
Say youll fight for love, promise, promise, promise...

In the chorus. Its up to you to either play Em G D C or Em G D -. Which ever you prefer :)

Chords are the same for the rest of the song.
End on A C.
Its not hard to figure out the chord change or the strumming pattern.

Somewhere in the verses i think the music changes slightly and the C changes to a F#.

This is my first tab, thanks.
Jessie J - Conquer The World :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
Conquer The World tabs @ 911Tabs

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