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Be Still
Standard Tuning
Capo 3rd Fret

This is how I play this song, I think it sounds pretty good. I believe "officially" the
verses are played slightly different, but I play them both the same. Also "officially"
are alot more chords written down, but I leave a few out to make it easier to strum 
of pluck like the actual song.

He is here for the broken
Bm7                      G     Asus A
life to the one who is undone
He is peace to the wounded
Bm7                   Em7    Asus A
hope for the helpless one
He is here
       Asus   A
He is here

      D       Asus     G
Be still my soul be still
     Em7      D        A
Be still my soul be still
          D      Am      G
Wait patiently upon the Lord
      Em7      Asus      D
Be still my soul be still

I strum A-G-Asus-A through here

When the waves rise against me
          Bm7                  G     Asus A
and the wind tries to draw me away
I will stand on the mountain
Bm7                       Em7            Asus
safe in your arms I will sing... I will sing


Be still... and know he is God
                 Asus A
He is here He is here

There are some subtle chords changes in the Bridge within the G spectrum, but I cant
them down, I usually just ad-lib dropping a few strings off the G until I can make it to

The ending is played the same as the chorus except I personally play the last line like so:
       Em7     Asus     G
Be still my soul, be still....
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