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Girl In My Head
NOTE during the bridge he is not playing those exact chords he variates them in 
the time he is playing so just play what you think sounds right

Capo 4 or on a Baby Taylor/ Martin

Gsus F/Gsus Csus D

sitting here without you

and i think i'm finally numb
for the first time in my mind 
thinking i don't feel so young
and i just can't lose this
little space i once adored
and i implore
when i realize there's nothing that i've been waiting for

verses are the same as chorus

why can't i move on why can't i let go
it has been so long my love for you it only grows
and i can't read minds
i swear to god that i try
when i finally see the girl in my head is not in front of me

stting here without you
like a song whose name i've lost 
though the message resonates we made the search so great 
how could we ever see the cost


E                                            C                                  D 
who can say that in their life the choices made were always right
but who would trade these humbling times 
it takes the growing pains
to finally change your mind

G                                            D
when will i finally see the girl in my head is not in front of me
G                                            D
when will i finally see the girl in my head is not in front of me


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