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All My Wishes
All My Wishes by Jenny O

Capo 5th fret
(Gm7)= 32300x

C         Am             C
I'm gonna make it better
          Am            G
I'm gonna make it up to you
(Gm7)  G7

C                 Am            C
I told you how my day was spent
                  Am              G
Never thought I'd hear the end of it
     (Gm7) G7
So i quit
C      Am               C
All my wishes have come true
              Am                 G
I'm thinking about it and i feel blue
         (Gm7) G7
Lonelier too
C       Am            C
Be my summer, take my fall
                  Am                  G
Come winter your cold and it's all my fault
         (Gm7) G7
Isn't it all

C                 Am               C
I wrestle with my reasons everyday
               C                     G
I listen to my friends and what they say
What they say
       C         Am
If you don't put out
       C                Am
And we don't see eye to eye
     G           (Gm7)
Then why can't I leave you?
        C         Am
But you sound so smart
           C          Am
Well, your tearing me apart
I believe you
   (Gm7)   G7
I believe you
C       Am              C
All my wishes have come true
              Am                 G
I'm thinking about it and I feel used
            (Gm7) G7
And fairly accused
C           Am             C
Be another summer, take my fall
                Am                     G
Come winter and nothing has changed at all
Nobody calls
C       Am             C
I gonna Make it better
            Am                 G
Maybe i can change enough for you
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