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The Forecast
   / Jason Mraz    /
  / The Forecast  /
 / Mr. A-Z       /


  Fmaj7  Ebmaj7  Dm7   Bb6(9)     Ab6(9) Gm7  Gb6(9)     Db   Ab   C    F
----8------6------5------8----- --------------------- ------------------1---- 
---10------8------6------6----- ----4-----3-----2---- ---6----4----5----1---- 
----9------7------5------5----- ----3-----3-----1---- ---6----5----5----2---- 
---10------8------7------5----- ----3-----3-----1---- ---6----6----5----3---- 
----8------6------5------------ --------------------- ---8----6----7----3---- 
-------------------------6----- ----4-----3-----2---- --------4---------1---- 


 Intro:           | Fmaj7      | Ebmaj7     | Dm7       | Bb6(9)     |

 Verse:         ||: Fmaj7      | Bb6(9)     :|| 4x

 Chorus:          | Ab6(9)     | Gm7 Gb6(9) | Fmaj7     | Bb6(9)     |

                  | Ab6(9)     | Gm7 Gb6(9) |

                  | Fmaj7      | Bb6(9)     | Fmaj7     | Bb6(9)     |



 Bridge:          | Db         | Ab         | C         | F          |

                  | Db         | Ab         | C         | C          |

 2x Intro


 Outro-Chorus:  ||: Ab         | Gm7 Gb6(9) | Fmaj7     | Bb6(9)     :|| 4x

                  | Ab         | Gm7 Gb6(9) ...



Well, I heard that it might be raining bed sheets and lover’s words
Let’s throw out the hotel comforter and hang the "do not disturb"
Sign me up for the storm
I’ll wear my suit for the shower
‘Cause I’ll have you to keep me warm in the coldest hour

And when the darkness falls under your hair, there I’ll be
And crazy is the forecast all week

Well, every kiss, every hug is so light on that touch, delicate like a snowflake
Well, I can taste, I can taste, I can taste, I can taste you all over my face
And everyone might find me foolish to not be counting on the sun
But your mouth is my umbrella now and I’m holding your tongue

And if the rain should fall, for sure, with you I’ll be
And crazy is the forecast all week

And there’s a good chance in hell
Like cats and dogs we’ll be flying
And I’m no weatherman
But you are lightning, striking

Here comes the sun and the rain
All at once down the sink

In the midst of the morning pull up a blanket of a cloud
And await for the warning of another come down
Because the water is healthy for the roses in your cheeks
My well holds plenty for penny wishing in your deep end

And when the lights go out, no doubt, with you I’ll be
And crazy is the forecast all week
And if the rain should fall, for sure, with you I’ll be
Because crazy is the forecast all week long
Crazy is the forecast

 5th /May /15
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About the artist behind The Forecast:

Jason Thomas Mraz (pronounced /'dʒeɪsən ˈɱɹæz/; born June 23, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter, born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia, a suburb of Richmond.[1]

Mraz is an eclectic artist with multiple and varied stylistic influences, including pop, rock, folk, jazz, country, and hip hop. He has played with various artists, including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews Band, James Blunt, Gavin DeGraw, Paula Cole, John Popper, Alanis Morissette, The Ohio Players, Rachael Yamagata, Jewel and Colbie Caillat.[citation needed]

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