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Mr Curiosity
   / Jason Mraz     /  I think this is song is an honest confession on how
  / Mr. Curiosity  /  difficult love is to find, and how painful it is when
 / Mr. A-Z        /  you're in need of it, and Mraz really sounds like he is.
/________________/  It's also questions about whether to look for love at all.

Capo on 3rd fret.
First is the actual chord name,
and below in brackets is the chord name without capo:

     Bb   Dm7   Fm   Cm   Ebm   F   Eb   Gm   D7   Gm9   Gb   Fadd11
    (G)  (Bm7) (Dm) (Am) (Cm)  (D) (C)  (Em) (B7) (Em9) (D#) (Dadd11)

 Intro (verse):
| Bb | Dm7 | Fm | Cm |

| Ebm | Bb | Cm | F |

 2x Verse

| Eb | Bb | Dm7 | Gm F |

| Eb | Bb | D7 | D7 |

 2x Verse


| Gm9 | Gb | Gm9 | Gb |

| Ebm | Bb | Ebm | Fadd11 | Fadd11 |

 1x Verse (opera)

 2x Chorus, end on Gm9

 Piano Intro arranged for Guitar (still capo on 3rd fret):
* This is the link for my guitar pro version of it:                           *
* *

  Bb                Dm7               Fm                 Cm

  Ebm                Bb                Cm                F

Hey Mr. Curiosity
Is it true what they've been saying about you?
Are you killing me?
You took care of the cat already
And for those who think it's heavy
Is it the truth or is it only gossip?

Call it mystery or anything
Just as long as you'd call me, I'll sent the message on
Did you get it when I left it?
See, this catastrophic event
It wasn't meant to mean no harm
But to think there's nothing wrong is a problem

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
Love is a mystery
Mr. Curious, come back to me

Mr. Waiting, ever patient
Can't you see that I'm the same the way you left me?
In a hurry to spell check me
And I'm underlined already
In envy green, in pencil red
And I've forgotten what you've said
Will you stop working for the dead and return?

Mr. Curious
Well, I need some inspiration
It's my birthday and I cannot find no cause for celebration
The scenario is grave
But I'll be braver when you save me
From this situation laden with hearsay

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
Love is a mystery
Mr. Curiosity be Mr. Please do come and find me
Find me

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
Trying not to ask why
This love is a mystery
Mr. Curiosity be Mr. Please do come and find me

Love is blinding when your timing's never right
Oh, who am I to beg for difference
Finding love in just an instant
Well, I don't mind
At least I tried
Well, I tried
I tried

 25th /November /08
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About the artist behind Mr Curiosity:

Jason Thomas Mraz (pronounced /'dʒeɪsən ˈɱɹæz/; born June 23, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter, born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia, a suburb of Richmond.[1]

Mraz is an eclectic artist with multiple and varied stylistic influences, including pop, rock, folk, jazz, country, and hip hop. He has played with various artists, including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews Band, James Blunt, Gavin DeGraw, Paula Cole, John Popper, Alanis Morissette, The Ohio Players, Rachael Yamagata, Jewel and Colbie Caillat.[citation needed]

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