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Make It Mine
   / Jason Mraz                          /  I think this lovely song is about
  / Make It Mine                        /  going out to make the day yours " to
 / We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. /  remember to appreciate and love every
/_____________________________________/  day of your life. Simply to love life!

For the live intro-piece "Traveler", check out my tab for it here:

The key of the song G major (yay! this means you can use your E pentatonic!)
However, since it never really dissolves on a G chord, but always begins and
finishes on a Cmaj7 chord, it's obvious to think of it as a C Lydian mode.
The C Lydian scale is simply a G Major scale with C as the root note.
You can also get there by playing a regular C Major scale, but raising the note
F to an F# (raising the 4th step) - and there you have your own Lydian scale.

    Cmaj7   Bm   Am7   D   Bm7   Em7   D/E   Ebmaj7   Bbmaj7

| Cmaj7 |  %  |  %  |  %  |

| Cmaj7 | Cmaj7 |

 1st Verse:
| Bm |  %  | Am7 |  %  |

| Cmaj7 |  %  | Bm |  %  |

| Am7 |  %  | Cmaj7 | Cmaj7 |

| Am7 | D | Bm7 | Em7  D/E |

| Am7 | D | Bm7 | Em7  D/E |

| Am7 | D | Cmaj7 |  %  |

Simple chords don't say anything about the timing here in the chorus-round,
so I'll try to explain it with this. The chords just follow the syllables.
Am7            Am7  D             D  Bm7          Bm7 Em7       Em7 D/E   Am7
 wake           be- fore          the dream        is  o-ver     I'm gonna make
                it  mine          yes I,           I   know it   I'm gonna ...

 Interlude:         [break]
| Cmaj7 |  %  |  %  | Cmaj7 |

 2nd Verse:
| Bm |  %  | Am7 |  %  |

| Cmaj7 | D |

| Cmaj7 |  %  | Bm |  %  |

| Am7 |  %  | Cmaj7 | D | D |

| Am7 | D | Bm7 | Em7 |

| Am7 | D | Bm7 | Em7 |

| Am7 | D | Cmaj7 |  %  |  %  |

 Brass-part (chorus):
| Am7 | D | Bm7 | Em7 |

| Am7 | D | Bm7 | Em7 |

| Am7 | D | Cmaj7 |  %  |  %  |  %  |

| Ebmaj7 |  %  | Bbmaj7 |  %  |

| Ebmaj7 |  %  | Bbmaj7 |  %  |

| Am7 |  %  | D | D |

||: Am7 | D | Bm7 | Em7 :|| 5x

| Am7 | D | Cmaj7 ...

Wake up everyone
How can you sleep at a time like this
Unless the dreamer is the real you
Listen to your voice
The one that tells you to taste past the tip of your tongue
Leap in, the net will appear

I don't want to wake before the dream is over
I'm gonna make it mine, yes I, I know it
And I'm gonna make it mine, yes I'll make it all mine

I keep my life on a heavy rotation
Requesting that it's lifting you up, up, up and away
And over to a table at the Gratitude Cafe
And I am finally there
And all the angels they'll be singing:
"Ah-la-la-la..., I love this"

Well, I don't wanna break before the tour is over
I'm gonna make it mine, yes I, I will own it
I'm gonna make it mine, yes I'll make it all mine

Timing's everything
And this time there's plenty
I am balancing careful and steady
Revelling in energy that everyone's emitting

Well, I don't wanna wait no more
Oh, I wanna celebrate the whole world
I'm gonna make it mine because I'm following your joy
I'm gonna make it mine because I, I am open
I'm gonna make it mine that's why I will show it
I'm gonna make it mine all mine
Gonna make..., make it...,
Mine, oh, mine
Yes, I'll make it all mine

 2nd /November /10
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About the artist behind Make It Mine:

Jason Thomas Mraz (pronounced /'dʒeɪsən ˈɱɹæz/; born June 23, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter, born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia, a suburb of Richmond.[1]

Mraz is an eclectic artist with multiple and varied stylistic influences, including pop, rock, folk, jazz, country, and hip hop. He has played with various artists, including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews Band, James Blunt, Gavin DeGraw, Paula Cole, John Popper, Alanis Morissette, The Ohio Players, Rachael Yamagata, Jewel and Colbie Caillat.[citation needed]

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