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I Hate This Song Chords
I have'nt found this on the internet so i figured i make one of my own =)

I suspect an alternate tuning but the chords fit so...

Have fun!

Notice how you hold the chords...

     E           E2           G#m          C#m         Asus2         B
e|---0---|   e|---0---|   e|---0---|   e|---0---|   e|---0---|  e|---0---| 
B|---0---|   B|---0---|   B|---0---|   B|---0---|   B|---0---|  B|---0---|
G|---1---|   G|---4---|   G|---4---|   G|---6---|   G|---2---|  G|---4---|
D|---2---|   D|---2---|   D|---6---|   D|---6---|   D|---2---|  D|---4---|
A|---2---|   A|---2---|   A|---6---|   A|---4---|   A|---0---|  A|---2---|
E|---0---|   E|---0---|   E|---x---|   E|---x---|   E|---x---|  E|---x---|

e|--------------------0---|    (Repeat like 4 times)
B|----0---0---0---0-------|    It's hard to get the beat on the intro but 
G|--4---4---4---4---4-----|    just listen to it and try.
D|------------------------|    Hold the E2-chord so you can go directly into
A|------------------------|    the "strumming intro". 


E2                      G#m
Speak with your tongue tied, 

I know that you're tired 
But I just want to know, 
Where you want to go 

I may be sad, But I'm not weak, 
This situation is bleak 
And your puffy eyes never lie, 
Your tears come from inside. 

       E              G#m            Asus2
Until Sunday I'll be waiting for an answer 
              E                G#m           Asus2
I guess that yesterday's not good enough for you, 
              E  G#m       Asus2
You know that I hate this song, 
              E  G#m      Asus2
You know that I hate this song 
   C#m          B           E2
Because it was written for you 

Drown your fears with me 
I'm feeling real sorry 
Your glossy eyes don't need 
The sadness they have seen 

But you're way too deep to swim 
Back up again 
But somehow I can't find 
The moment you said goodbye 

 Asus2                B                        C#m
This is becoming a problem I'm hurting it's unfair 
But somehow your words, 
     B                    C#m
The way that I heard are haunting me, 
You're under my skin 
You're breaking in, 
And the tasteless fights that filled our nights 
Are starting to cave in, 
You're under my skin 
You're breaking in 
And if Sundays what it takes to prove 
I have nothing else to loose 


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About the artist behind I Hate This Song Chords:

Secondhand Serenade is an acoustic rock solo project fronted by vocalist and guitarist John Vesely, based in America. The solo project began in California, USA, in 2004. Vesely has released two studio albums to date under the name Secondhand Serenade, Awake in 2007 and A Twist In My Story in 2008. The debut album used multitrack recording to create the sound of a band using technology,[1] the second album took a different path, using a proper band and an orchestra to establish a more accomplished sound.[2]

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