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Above All Men
Standard tuning     [EADGBE]
 Capo on third fret

A7             [002020]
 B              [023330]   occasional pull-off on B string 
 D              [554030]
 Em             [022000]   occasional hammer-on from open D
 F#7            [353433]
 G              [32000]     or [300000] occasionally
 Asus4          [000230]   hammer-on from the open G every time

If you have a day's work and a good word
     B          D            Em
And a night's rest after keeping the company of your friends
    F#7         G            A7                        Em
And a woman to greet the morning with 
     G          A7            B
Then you are blessed, you are blessed above all men
     G          A7          Asus4                      A7

(repeat accordingly)
If you have a garden or a house plant
Is there an old man who gets by from the toil of your hands
Cause you're the only one who buys floral prints
Then you are blessed, you are blessed above all men

[righteous whistles]
 B   D   Em   F#7   G  A7  Asus4  A7

If you have a minute to get it
It's so simple
It's so simple if you let it
If you let it

Iause we are blessed, we are blessed
We are blessed, we are blessed, above all men
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