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Me Again
Capo 3

Did my best on the lyrics.

Didn't do the tabs ... but it sounds pretty good if you
  add your pinky on the 1st string 3rd fret on the Fmaj7
  and your pinky on the 2nd string 3rd fret on the C and Am

C                      Fmaj7
Tell me everything you heard
C                   Fmaj7                 
Daunting and a bit unsure
C                    Fmaj7
Fields have gotten insecure
C                     Fmaj7     G
Gotta take it on your word

        Fmaj7           G
Said my mind is overrun
         Fmaj7      G
Said I'm free again
       Fmaj7            G
No, it cannot be undone
Not 'til I'm free again


C                       Fmaj7
Sent my mind some other place
C                         Fmaj7
Said my mind that no more space
C                       Fmaj7
And I begged you not to go
C                      Fmaj7   G
Looks like you already know
      Fmaj7                       G
Made section made of me
          Fmaj7      G 
Guess I'm free again
       Fmaj7            G
Questioning my recipe
            Fmaj7      Am   G 
Unless it's free again

            Fmaj7        Am   G
Sentimental Me
            Fmaj7        Am   G
Sentimental Me
            Fmaj7        Am   G
Sentimental Me
                Fmaj7   G
Gettin' no more sleep

           Fmaj7                       G
Traced the scourge out of me
     Fmaj7        G
Am I free again
         Fmaj7             G
Heaved a load into the sea
       Fmaj7        G
Get me free again
        Fmaj7              G 
Crying out for outer space
       Fmaj7       G 
Set it free again
      Fmaj7               G
Only seconds off the pace
            Fmaj7     C     Fmaj7
Wish it was me again
                     C       Fmaj7     
Sentimental Me (8x)

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