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My Favorite Place
G                     C
Floyd calls me on the phone
      G                       D
and I usually dont mind if he wont leave me alone
    G                         C                        D
but todays been a busy day if there is such a thing anyway

Thats it throughout the whole song. G C G D G C D.Easy peasy.
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About the artist behind My Favorite Place:

J Church was a punk rock band fronted by Lance Hahn, which was formed in 1992. Hahn was responsible for the majority of writing and singing in the band and also played lead guitar. He can be seen as the sole creative force behind the band.

Gardner Maxam played bass in the band until 1998, at which point the bass position became as the drums had always been; a quickly revolving door. Current members other than Lance include Ben White as well as Chris Pfeffer of Severed Head of State.

The group was named for the San Francisco Muni Metro line that Hahn took down Church Street to band practice (in the beginning) and to work every day. The band has an extensive discography including numerous singles and splits with fellow punk rock bands including Discount and Less Than Jake.

On July 7, 2007, a benefit entitled "Let's Do It For Lance!" was released to help defray the cost of his medical bills.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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