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Out Here On My Own
This is a classic. I made this specifically for an acoustic guitar or a keyboard.



D/G     C/G    G


C/E               Bm/F#
Sometimes I wonder     where I've been
C       G/B                                         
Who I am,  Do I fit in.  
Am              G/B   
Make believin'      is hard alone, 
C              D     (E, F#)
Out here on my own 


CM7                 B           
When I'm down and feelin' blue 
Em                       A
I close my eyes so I can be with you 
    F#m        Bm
Oh, baby, be strong for me 
F#m     Bm
Baby, belong to me 
CM7                  F#                  
Help me through      Help me need you


C/E               Bm/F#
Until the morning      sun appears 
C           G/B
Making light   of all my fears 
Am              G/B
I dry the tears 

I've never shown 
C              D    (E,F#)
Out here on my own 


C/E                Bm/F#
Sometimes I wonder     where I've been 
C        G/B
Who I am ,     Do I fit in 
   I may not win 
   But I can't be thrown 
C       D         G
Out here   on my own 
C(pause)        D      G
Out here        On my own 
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About the artist behind Out Here On My Own:

Irene Escalera (March 18, 1959), better known by her stage name, Irene Cara is an American singer. Cara won an Academy Award in 1984 in the category of Best Original Song for co-writing "Flashdance... What a Feeling". She is best known for her recordings of the songs "Fame" and "Flashdance... What a Feeling". She also starred in the 1980 film version of Fame.

Cara's father, Gaspar Cara (died in 1994), was an African-American and Puerto Rican. Her mother, Louise Escalera, is of French and Cuban descent. She has two sisters and two brothers.

She married Hollywood stuntman Conrad Palmisano [1] in 1986. They divorced in 1991.

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