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La Migra Tab
Simple Riff...

Drop D


Repeat this process...

Listen to the song and figure out the timing....

this is my first tab ....

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About the artist behind La Migra Tab:

Brujeria is an extreme metal band. Their name comes from a Spanish word meaning "witchcraft". Their Satanic, narcotic, and masked attitude have been their green-card to success, although they have recently performed live at locations across the United States and Latin America. The have been nominated at the Latin Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album in 2000.

Their songs, which are sung entirely in Spanish, are focused on Satanism, anti-Christianity, sex, immigration, narcotics smuggling, politics and also include lyrics about killing white people (despite having some white members in the band) so it is likely tongue in cheek.

Brujeria are admittedly a side-project of founding member and Asesino stalwart Dino Cazares, and has featured artists such as Billy Gould, Nicholas Barker, Raymond Herrera, Jeff Walker, and Shane Embury. They perform under pseudonyms and portray themselves as a Latino band consisting of drug lords, concealing their identities due to being wanted by the FBI. Their lineup has changed over time, however, and could be different at any point in time.

After 3 compilation albums released in 7 years, there's rumours about a fourth Brujería album scheduled for release sometime in 2008, but details are still unknown. In March the band release a new single called "Debilador", possibilly taken off from the next album.

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