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Let Time Go Lightly
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Let Time Go Lightly
performed by Harry Chapin on "Harry's Greatest Stories Live"
written by Steven Chapin

G             Gmaj7            C
I let time go lightly when I'm here with you
Am            D                C       G          C
I let time go lightly when the day is through
G             Gmaj7                  C
I keep a watch on time when I've got work to do
Am            D             C  G
I let time go lightly with you

G     C G           C                   G            C G
Morning, a time for breaking ground and sowing seed
                       C        D         C           G
And yet we give up our sunshine so we can buy what we need
    C               G     C G          C           G              C G
And that leaves the evening to share a fire with a friend or two
G                    C      D     C            G
to lose sight of the hours; to go lightly with you

Old friends, they mean much more to me than a new friend
'cause they can see where you are and they know where you've been
Music has been my closest friend, my fiercest foe
'cause it can take you so high; yes, it can take you so low

C            G        D      G     A
When I was a child my mother would help me along
A                          C
She'd rock me to sleep and sing me a song
C                G       D        G       A
So I learned to love the music of all the tunes in my head
A                       C
The changing of chords, the rhythm of time

C             D            C
Yes I let time go lightly with you
      Am          D/F#     G
and a fire and a friend or two
     Am        C          D/F#      G
With you and a fire and a friend or two
C                    G
A friend or two, and you
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About the artist behind Let Time Go Lightly:

Harry Forster Chapin (December 7, 1942 – July 16, 1981) was an American singer, songwriter, and humanitarian. He originally intended to be a documentary film-maker, and directed Legendary Champions in 1968, which was nominated for a documentary Academy Award. In 1971, he decided to focus on music. With Big John Wallace, Tim Scott and Ron Palmer, Chapin started playing in various local nightclubs in New York City.

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