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Oh Those Sweet Bananas
This is my first chord tab thing on here. I like the band a lot, but they're rather obscure; and since I
spent all of ten minutes figuring this out I grew a wild hair up my ass and decided to share what I 
think works. There are some lyrics I just can't figure out and I don't have a copy of the original LP 
or the 7" single, though I think you'll find >95% are accurate. So there it is, cheers.

-Mk Dross

Intro: E A x2

Back home from the tropics
A                        E      A
Man that was a (lone?) location
They call that place romantic
A                      B
I didn't need no instigation
But they tell the kinda story that keeps a young man on his
E     C#m
Toes, Oh yeah
But when Temptation waves a finger it
A                              E        A 
Takes a better man to tell her no

E       A x1

Well her poppa owned a business
Sellin' fruits and veggie-tables
Well the old man he was lonely
There was nobody to eat his apple
Well I was just about to make that sweet potato turn
Over, Oh yeah
But then her poppa hit me with a cabbage
Said I didn't (know??)

E      A x1

B       C#m            A
Ooooo, I miss that Mary Ann-a
B   A              E       A
Oh, oh those sweet bananas

E      A x1

Well I may be mistaken
There are some things that a man must do
No use in explainin'
I ain't sayin' anything new
But if everybody knows that one kiss leads to
Another, and it always will,
Then why is everyone so hard on all us lovers?

Ooooo, I miss that Marry Anne
Oh, oh those sweet bananas... (end with the E chord on the lyric "bananas")
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