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Written by Bruce Springsteen. Performed by Gary U.S. Bonds. Transcribed by burnmik.

Spoken intro
Hey fellas, that was all right! Boy, that was nice! But I think, 
I think we should just get back, relax and do it one more time. 
E                                       B
You cats ain't got no dedication, man. Let me tell you a little story!

E                         C#m
Well way back baby in the Bible time
E                         B
A cat named Noah built an ocean liner
E                         A
Everybody laughed when he told them why
E                       B            E   
But when the rain came, Noah, he was high and dry

E                             C#m
'Cause he had dedication baby through and through
E                 B
Dedication like I give to you
E               A
Dedication girl every way
E      B         E
Dedication girl every day

E                         C#m
Well Admiral Byrd and some Eskimos
E                              B
They took a little trip to the old North Pole
E                                         A
Well they said it was a miracle when they made it back
E                B          E
But he said that wasn't any miracle, Jack
E                            C#m
Man, it took dedication baby through and through
E                 B       
Dedication like I give to you
E                  A
Dedication girl in every way
E      B         E          
Dedication girl every day

E    C#m    E     B     E     A     E    B    E

E                                      C#m
Well now there was a movie star out in Hollywood
E                              B
He met a little girl, they got along real good
E                                              A
He tried to split but the chick she told him, "Not so fast
E                      B              E
Ain't gonna wrap me in your arms, then wrap me in some cash"
E                         C#m
Now it was on TV, every word they said
E                         B
If you didn't see it man, you must have been dead
E                             A
She got on the witness stand, sighed without a care
E                   B          E
She turned to the judge and this is what she said

E                   C#m
I gave him dedication, judge, every day
E                   B
Dedication judge in every way
E                              A
I need some dedication, judge, that can be spent
E         B                  E
A little dedication, judge, to pay the rent

F                Dm
Dedication baby through and through
F                    C
Dedication like I give to you
F               Bb
Dedication girl every way
F       C        F
Dedication girl every day

F   Dm      F      C
D-E-D-I-    C-A-T-I-O-N
F    Bb     F   C    F
D-E-D-I-    C-A-T-I-O-N   - repeat and fade

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