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Drinkin Thing
N.C.  F            Bb             C            C B Bb
Every day I tell myself it's temporary
Bb                          F
That it's only 'cause she's young
               Bb           C          
That makes her want another man
     F                   Bb        C         C B Bb
Even though she makes me feel unecessary
     Bb             C            F
I've found a way to help me understand

N.C.          Bb
I've got this drinking thing
To keep from thinkin things
'Bout where you been, 
who you been with
What you've done
F        F7 Bb
And it's a lonely thing
But it's the only thing
          Bb             C            F
To keep a foolish man in love hanging on

N.C.      F               Bb           C             C B Bb 
If I wait up at home I'll only ask her questions
Bb                      F
She'd probably tell the truth, 
Bb              C
So I don't even ask
     F                Bb               C             C B Bb
So I sit here on this barstool feeling helpless
      Bb              C              F   
And I wonder just how long a man can last

Repeat Chorus twice

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