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My Hearts Symphony
My Heart's Symphony:Gary Lewis And 
The Playboys.
#13 on BB Hot 100 on LIBERTY Records 
in 1966.

INTRO: E D A..Bm A Bm..A B Bm E

         A       D                     A
When you told me that you loved me and I 
                D             Db
thought I could tell that you did..
         Gb              B    E
my heart told me all was well.
A                D          A
From the deepest part of me there came a 
D         Dbm        Gbm
melody complete with harmony as my heart 
B              E A  
played for me, a symphony.


A          D                 A
I remember all the times you told me that 
D                 Dbm        Gbm     B
you were mine and I remember what it did to 
Bm  E
A                D           A            D
From the deepest part of me, there came a melody
   Dbm        Gbm                  B
complete with harmony, as my heart played for me,
E A       
A symphony.


    A                 D             A
But when I found your goodbye note..when I read 
    D                 Dbm              Gbm
the things you wrote..when I knew that you had 
          Bm  E
gone from me.
A                D                A       D
From the deepest part of me, came tons of tragedy.
   Dbm      Gbm         Bm
No trace of harmony, no symphony..for there was no 
      E       A
heart left in me.


...F E A..D A Bm..A D E..A D A..Bm A D..E A D..
    A B E..A D A..E..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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