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Something Else
Song: Something Else
Artist: Gary Jules
Album: Trading Snakeoil For Wolf Tickets
Tabbed by: Ace

F= Fingerpick
        F          F          F
Intro:  C(4 count) F(2 count) G(2 count) {Play 4 times, then stay with G}

Verse 1: G                   Am          F       G
         They never tell you Truth is subjective
                   Am              F
         They only tell you not to lie.
         G                   Am                        F       G
         They never tell you with strength and vaulnerability.
                   Am              F
         They only tell you not to cry.

Chorus 1:
              C   F      G    C
          But I'm living underground.
          F        G      C
          Sleeping on the way.
              C                F
          And fiding something else to say
          It's like walking on the freeway.

Solo: e-----5-3-5----------------------5-3-5-------------------------------|

That's the whole song. Please comment, review, or correct me.
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