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Princess Of Hollywood
G                   C
I've been there - believe me
Em,                  D
Crimes committed are unintentional
G         C     Em               D     
After the party we all went home alone
        G                        C            
All the industry boys were still laughing and drinking
Em                        D
When I tumbled out of the place
And up on the wall
    C                     G
The princess of Hollywood way
G                   C
The Witton house is empty
Em                    D
Autumn came again and everyone scattered
G          C   
Maybe it's better
Em                                  D
If we don't have that last place to go
Well you said that you'd call
         C            Am
When you got your new number
Em                         D
I guess you've gone under again
There's room at the bar
C                   Am        G
For the princess of Hollywood way
C        D
Wine and Forgiveness   (x2)
C        D                            Em        C
Wine and forgiveness were all that we had, whoa yeah..

(Mandolin solo!)

C        D
Wine and forgiveness (x2) 
C         D                         Em   D  Em C D
Wine and forgiveness are all that I need whoa... ho... whoa-ho...
G                     C
"Go to bed" she said, "I can stand you,
Em                                        D
And that's the only thing that we have in common”
G          C          Em                       D
If I had a nickel for every bridge that you've burned...
              G                       C              Em
You're just a single malt swamp clown preparing for splashdown
C                         D
The accidents know you by name"
G                  C
After all, I'm the princess of Hollywood
Em                 D
After all, I'm the princess of Hollywood
G                  C           D         G
After all, I'm the princess of Hollywood way.
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