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Pills chords
Gary Jules

Capo II *

C G7 C . . .

     C     G7     C
I've taken all my pills
        G         F   C
But I'm still not sleepy
         G7      C         F    C
Tried to trick myself into thinking
         F    C
That I'm not awake
          G7     C
That it's only a dream
         G7        C
Put that cigarette out
      G         F    C
Don't ask me no questions

C G7 C

C              G7    C
Salome dancing on my wall
        G       F      C
And the shadows on the floor
        G7        C
Look so warm from here
     F             C
I've seen it all before
         F      C
Just one little lie
        G7            C
But the difference is this
             G7       C
It meant the world to me
      G         F    C
Don't ask me no questions

 F                       C         G
"Take the wheel" she said "As I wander"
F        C          G     Dm
We could leave this town, oh
I've got all I need spirit, hope and joe
           C       Bb F
But no one knows me


C         G7      C
I think I lost my pills
           G       F   C
Guess I'll take my chances
                   G7  C
I'm looking at the telephone
    G       F  C
But nothing happens
     F     C
I am well aware
         G       F  C
That the morning is near
         G     C
Put that radio down
      G         F    C
Don't ask me no questions

C G7 C . . . 

* Alternate:

Capo V

C  = A
G7 = E7
G  = E
F  = D
Bb = G
Dm = Bm

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