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Catfish Blues
Standard Tuning EADGBe 

[Intro/Main riff]


(when playing the G and the A just play the root notes quickly

[Verse 1]

E                 G  A E
Well I wish I was a catfish,
E        G  A E                   E   G A  E
Swimming in, oh, the deep blue sea.
E                                 G A  E
I'd have all you good lookin' women,
E           G A  E    E  G A    E
Fishin' after me, fishin after me, 

[Instrumental break]

[Verse 2]

E                      G A  E
When I went down to my baby's house.
E                   G  A  E
And I sat down, oh, on her steps.
E                 G  A  E
And she said now come in now Muddy.
E                      G A  E
You know my husband just now left, 
E                 G A  E               G A    E          
Sure nuff he just left, Sure nuff he just left, 

[Instrumental break]

[Verse 3]

E                            G A  E 
Well my mother told my father, 
E                      G  A     E
Just before hmmmm, I was born
E              G A    E
I got a boy child's comin',
E                 G  A    E
Sure nuff he's a rolling stone
E                 G  A    E
Sure nuff he's a rolling stone, 

[Instrumental break]

[Verse 4]

E                     G A   E
Well I feel yes I feel, 
E                          G   A      E
Feel I could lay down oh, time ain't long, 
E                   G     A       E
I'm gonna catch the first thing smokin' 
E                     G  A     E
Back, back down the road I'm goin', 
E             G    A                           G   A   E
Back down the road I'm goin', back down the road I'm goin


| h  Hammer-on
| p  Pull-off

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