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The Little Things
Colbie Caillat
Little Things
Submitted by: [email protected]

Key: F#

Tuning: Similar to Bubbly tuning DADF#E + Capo on 7th fret
if you watch her official video for this song, Colbie plays this way.

Capo: 7th fret

Chords used: for DADF#AE tuning + Capo on 7th fret
    Ebm   C#   F#/Bb   B    F#
e |-----|----|-------|----|-2--
A |-6---|-4--|-------|----|-2--
D |-6---|-4--|-1-----|-2--|-4--
A |-6---|-4--|-2-----|-2--|-2--
D |-6---|-4--|-1-----|-2--|----

Chords used: for DADF#E tuning + Capo on 4th fret
    Ebm   C#   F#/Bb   B    F#
e |-----|----|-------|----|----
A |-5---|-4--|-------|----|-5--
D |-4---|-2--|-4-----|-5--|-0--
A |-2---|-0--|-5-----|-5--|-0--
D |-----|----|-4-----|-5--|-0--

Chords used: for standard EADGBe tuning without a capo
   Ebm   C#   F#/Bb   B   F#

you can prefer any of these 2 tunings whichever you're comfortable with

Intro: Ebm-C#-F#/Bb-B x2

Verse 1:
Ebm                      C#
  The little things, you do to me are
F#/Bb           B
  taking me over, i wanna show you
Ebm            C#
  everything inside of me oh
F#/Bb                      B
  like a nervous heart that, is crazy beating
Ebm                     C#
  my feet are stuck here, against the pavement
F#/Bb               B
  i wanna break free, i wanna make it
Ebm                  C#
  closer to your eyes, get your attention
F#/Bb                B
  before you pass me by

So back up back up
take another chance
Don’t you mess up mess up
I don’t wanna lose you
Wake up wake up 
this aint just a thing that you
Give up give up 
don’t you say that I’d be
F#         C#
Better off better off
 Ebm                  B
sleepin by myself and wonderin
F#               C#
If im better off better off
    Ebm     F#
without you boy

(Repeat Intro)

Verse 2:
Ebm                   C#
  And every time, you notice me by
F#/Bb               B
  holdin me closely, and sayin sweet things
Ebm                     C#
  i don't believe, that it could be
   F#/Bb                 B
you speakin your mind and, sayin the real thing
Ebm                 C#
  my feel broke free, and i am leavin
F#/Bb                     B
i'm not gonna stand here, feelin lonely but
Ebm                C#
  i don't regret it, and i don't think this
F#/Bb                 B
  was just a waste of time

(Repeat Chorus)

           Ebm   C# F#/Bb   B
don't just leave me hanging on

(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Bridge once)
(Repeat Chorus)
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About the artist behind The Little Things:

Colbie Marie Caillat (pronounced /ˈkoʊlbi kəˈleɪ/ (info) "Kole-bee Kal-lei") (born May 28, 1985 in Newbury Park, California) is an American pop singer-songwriter and guitarist from Malibu, California. Her father, Ken Caillat, co-produced Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and Tusk albums; Caillat recalls being around the likes of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie as a child.[1]

The popularity of Caillat's MySpace profile led her to become the number-one unsigned singer in her genre for four months.[2] Her popularity on the social network was partially due to her song "Bubbly," and the songs on her profile have been played more than forty-two million times (as of May 31st, 2008).[3] For the week of July 17, 2007, "Bubbly" was featured on the iTunes Store as the free "Single of the Week". The promotion coincided with the release of Coco, her debut studio album. Caillat was also spotlighted by Rhapsody during the 2007 Black Friday Sale at Best Buy.

According to her MySpace profile, Caillat was first inspired to start singing at age eleven when she first heard the Fugees' 1996 version of the song "Killing Me Softly", made famous by Roberta Flack in 1973. Her MySpace profile also states that, though trained at piano from an early age, Caillat did not begin playing guitar until age nineteen.

In May 2008, Caillat recorded a duet with Jason Mraz, called "Lucky," on his album, We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things.[4] The same month, Caillat recorded a cover of the song "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid for Disney's DisneyMania vol. 6 CD.[5]

Caillat is currently shooting another music video in Hawaii for her song "The Little Things."[6]

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