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The Rock

   My love...


My love for you is old, But new.

I'd give the rock to only you.
It is the piece that can't break through
The window of our love.

[Verse 1]

D              A#
Don't paint my picture
D               A#
Sleeping on the ground
D               A#
Come on! Little sister, 
D                      A# 
you know what you have found


C                        A#        D
The heart, beaten like a sinner.
C                         A#       D
The sweat, melting like a bad trip.
A#         C               D       A# 
Uuuuu, the rock sits there dead!

D      A# 

[Verse 2]

D              A#
Don't hold me closer
D                     A#
It's all too sweet to last.
D               A#
Come on! Fellow gonner,
D                   A#
The glory days have passed


C                         A#       D
the lungs, crazy for your perfume
C                         A#       D
the tongue, praying for renewal
A#         C       D          A# 
Uuuuu, the rock no interest.

 D      A# 

[Verse 3]

D              A#
Don't paint my picture
D               A#
Sleeping on the ground
D               A#
Come on! Little sister,
D                      A#
You know what you have found.


D     A#
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