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Free Tonight
This is a rough version of Free Tonight, thought I'd have a go seen as though there aren't any tabs
for it yet.

No capo but sounds kinda nice with a capo on the second fret if you're just playing it for fun.


D   G   D   A

First Verse:

Every time I say it's the end then a,
couple of months I'm at it again, 
G                        D
yeah I'm leaving, for a while

Couple fights get me tied up inside,
But my chest gets tight I take a few pills,
G               D
Gotta ease my, little mind


I know that it's getting late,
and our, times have changed but I'm 
A                 A
Still calling to say

Hey, baby is it,
Just me or are,
G         D
You free tonight

Cause it's, been a while since I've,
seen your smile and I was,
G                                      D 
hoping that you'd show those teeth to me 

D               A  (Strum once and let ring)
Cause all that fun feels like misery

Second Verse continues in the same pattern
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Free Tonight Chords

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