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Sleeping By Myself
Sleeping By Myself " Eddie Vedder

F                   Dm                Am
I should have known there was someone else
F          Dm       Am
Down below I always kept it to myself

Bb                C7
Now I believe in nothing, not today
     Am7                     Dsus4  D
As I move myself out of your sight
Bb               C7        F
I’ll be sleeping by myself tonight

F             Dm           Am
I could never go to no one else
F                    Dm             Am
The hurt don’t show, but who knows, time will tell
    Bb                C7
I believe in nothing, but the pain and
  Am7                        Dsus4  D
I can’t see this turning out right
    Bb               C7        F
Oh, I’ll be sleeping by myself tonight

Forever be sad and lonely
   A7                Bb
Forever never be the same
I close my eyes, wait for a sign
am I just waiting in vain? Oh

F             Dm       Am
I believe in love and disaster
F             Dm               Am
Sometimes the two are just the same
      Bb              C7
I’m beginning to see, what’s left of me
         Am7                   Dsus4  D
Is gonna have to be free to survive

Bb               C7
I’ll be sleeping by myself
Bb               C7
I’ll be sleeping by myself
Bb               C7          F
I’ll be sleeping by myself tonight.

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About the artist behind Sleeping By Myself:

Eddie Vedder (born December 23, 1964) is the lead singer and one of three guitarists for the rock band Pearl Jam. He is notable for his "golden baritone" vocal style,[5] and is considered a cultural icon of alternative rock.[6]

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