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Out Of Sand
From live performance: 

Intro             Verse           Chorus          Interlude
-------------     -----------     -----------     ----------
Am     x0221x     G    320033     F    133211     Em  022000
Fadd9  1x3213     G7   320001     C    x32010     F   133211
                  C    x32010     C/B  x2x010     D   xx023x
                  C/B  x2x010     Am   x02210     G   320033
                  Am   x02210     
                  F    x33211     
                  Dm   xx0231     

Tuned half step down 


    Am                      Fadd9
D|-----2-2--2------------|-----3--3-3-3---3--| x2

[Verse 1]

G  G7                           C  C/B Am
   Can’t climb to heaven on the cro----ss
F                            G7
One last promise drained the blood from my heart
     C       C/B    Am
In a message in the dark
Dm                    F
Offered the hand of a disembodied man
While I still had the chance

[Chorus 1]

         F      C
Now it’s gone, gone
      F         C
And I am, who I am
      F           C          C/B  Am
Who I was, I will never ever be  again
F                C
  Running out of sand

[Verse 2]

G   G7                            C  C/B Am
  I stare at my reflection to the bo-----ne
F                             G7
Blurred eyes look back at me, full of blank sympathy
C   C/B Am
So, so --- close
     Dm                        F
With right roads not taken and futures forsaken
Dropped like a fossil in stone

[Chorus 2]

         F      C
Now it’s gone, gone
      F         C
And I am, who I am
      F           C            C/B   Am
Who I was, I will never ever become again
F                C
  Running out of sand


Em          F
Ohhhh oh-oh-ohhh
  D         G
Ohhhh oh-oh-ohhh

[Verse 3]

G7                       C  C/B Am
A drunk octopus wants to fi-----ght
F                              G7
Fearful of dreams, there’ll be no sleep tonight
        C       C/B       Am
Fine at dinner, dead by dessert
Dm                       F
Victim or witness, we’re gonna get hurt
A fragile existence, with echoes of worth
  Dm                              F
I can’t stop the bleeding nor the tears in thine eye
There’s another us somewhere with much better lives
     Dm                     F                 G7
With God as our witness but he won’t testify, ahh

[Chorus 3]

            F      C
Oh now it’s gone, gone
      F         C
And I am, who I am
      F                     C     C/B     Am
Who I could’ve been, I will never have the chance
F                C
  Running out of sand
F                C
  Running out of sand
F                C C/B Am
  Running out of sa----nd

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About the artist behind Out Of Sand:

Eddie Vedder (born December 23, 1964) is the lead singer and one of three guitarists for the rock band Pearl Jam. He is notable for his "golden baritone" vocal style,[5] and is considered a cultural icon of alternative rock.[6]

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