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No Other
No Other Love, on CD: Catch the Fire 3, by David Ruis

  There is no other friend

There is no other friend like You O Lord

A                                      D
No other brother, no other brother like You.

There is no other love

There is no other love like You, O Lord

A                                       D
No other sweeter, no other fountain but You

Em                 Bm
How long until I'm satisfied

Em                 Bm
I must have more of You

For I was born in Zion

G                         A
Awakened love is crying out for You, it must be You

D                   G
And if I'm healed by just one touch

        D        A
of Your garment, Lord

D                          G
Then how much more of Your love is for me

          D        A
than I'm tasting, Lord

D        G          D        A
Draw me, take me and I will run

D                          G
Over the mountains and down into the valleys

        D       A
I will run with you


(Repeat 4x)  Em     G                      D
             All,  all my fountains are in You   

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