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Let Your Glory Fall
Key: G
Verse 1:
C        D        G
  Father of cre - ation,
C             D         G
  Unfold Your Sovereign plan,
C            D           G  D/F# Em
  Raise up a chosen genera - -   tion,
Am7                           D
  That will march through the land.
C            D         G
  All of creation  is  longing,
C            D           G
  For You unveiling  of  power,
C              D             G  D/F# Em
  Would You release Your annoin - -  ting,
Am7                      Dsus D
  Oh God let this be the hour!

         G     D            C
Let Your glory fall in this room,
       Am7           G           Dsus    D
Let it go forth from here to the nations,
         G         D            C
Let Your fragrance rest in this place,
      Am7       Dsus D    G
As we gather to seek Your face.

Verse 2:
C       D        G
  Ruler of  the  nations,
C               D        G
  The world has yet  to  see,
C             D            G  D/F# Em
  The full release of Your pro - - mise,
Am7                    D
  The church in victory,
C         D           G
  Turn to us Lord and touch us,
C         D              G
  Make us strong in Your might,
C     D        G  D/F# Em
  Overcome our wea - - kness,
Am7                          Dsus  D
  That we could stand up and fight.

F          C       G
  Let Your Kingdom come,
F          C       G
  Let Your will be done,
F        C      G
  Let us see on earth,
F           C       Dsus D
  The glory of Your Son.
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