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Wa Wa Zat
Song: Wa Wa Zat!!
Artist: David Lee Roth
Written by: John Lowery,Bob Marlett
Lyrics by: David Lee Roth
Guitarst: John Lowery
Song Rateing: 5 of 5   
Solo Rateing: 5 of 5
Album: DLR Band
tabed by: Per "Pogo,Mw Gacy" Stenberg
[email protected] or [email protected]

GREAT song and briljant guitar playing by John Lowery (Who is currently
working in Marilyn Manson as John5)!!! The solo is a master piece (So is the
solo in "Little Texas") and the lead guitart in the verse is the best!!!
It took me forever to tab and I'm not 100% sure of this tab...h=hammer-on
p=pull of
T=Tap with the end of your finger
/=Slide down
\=Slide up
.=palm muted

Intro/Chours/Break/Main Riff/Outro
(Use wah-wah on the first 2 notes)

Verse  (Solo)
(This one of the things that I'm not 100% sure on) 

Verse  (Rhymth)






This a execlent solo but the taping was VERY hard to tab
The ending is not in becase I did have the power to tab it but it is not that 
hard...just do some taping and move slowy to the first freths...


T           T           T           T       

That is every riff in that song...
I have done better tabs but this one was a pain in the ass...
Comments? [email protected] or p[email protected]
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About the artist behind Wa Wa Zat:

David Lee Roth (sometimes referred to as "Diamond Dave") (born October 10, 1954, Bloomington, Indiana) is an American rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, author, and former radio personality, best known as the lead singer for Van Halen. After leaving Van Halen, Roth started his own career as a solo artist. His early albums were well received, but starting in the early 1990s, subsequent releases fared successively worse as popular musical tastes changed and Roth's band underwent numerous personnel changes.

Roth has re-united with Van Halen, and the group is currently touring North America. In 2008, an album and further worldwide touring are proposed to follow.[1]

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