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Sail Away
David Gray  -  Sail Away


For this song use your CAPO ON 1ST Fret.

I think the strumming pattern is quite important for this one.  
Try it like this.

down            down    up   up  down    down up down up    
(this is one beat in 4/4)

Try to accent beat 2 and 4.

Might be quite hard at the begining.  but if you listen to song you should figure it out quickly.

The Chordchanges within a beat (like in the chorus (from A to Em)) should be done on beat 2 +

Chord sybomls are related to capo on 1st fret!
To keep it simple chord names are not absolutly correct.

Bmin      F#m       G       Em      D       A 


A few bars of Bm with the correct strumming pattern


[Bm]                [F#m]
Sail away with me honey, I put my heart in your hands.

[Bm]               [G]  [Em]     [Bm]
Sail away with me honey now, now, now,

[D]         [G]         [Em]
Sail away with me, what will be will be,

[G]             [A]  [Em]
I wanna hold you now, now, now


[D]                     [F#m]
Crazy skies all wild above me now

[D]                  [F#m]
Winter howling at my face

[D]                  [F#m]
And everything I held so dear

[Bm]                  [A]
Disappeared without a trace

[D]                   [F#m]
Of all the times I've tasted love

[D]                  [F#m]
Never knew quite what I had

[D]                  [F#m]
Little darling, if you hear me now

[Bm]                [A]
Never needed you so bad,

[G]                     [Em]
Spinning round inside my head
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