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Bye Bye Beautiful
Chris Trapper- Bye Bye Beautiful
(Technicolor, 2013)
Chords may not be perfect

D              Em
You and I were out of luck
A                    Em     D
You backed up in his pickup truck
D                          G          Gm
Grabbed your stuff, I just said oh f' shucks
D   A   Em    D
Bye Bye Beautiful

D                        Em
You said, that you would settle down
A                        Em       D
Then you shacked up with half the town
D                 G      Gm
But you'll be penicillin bound
D   A   Em    D
Bye Bye Beautiful

G        Gm       D       Bm
When she comes on tippity-toes
G         Gm            D
Where she was all night nobody knows
G             Gm       D   B        Em               A
Does she even love me? I suppose my friend, it's the end

D                       A
There's no more bummin' cigarettes
A                  D
Or using me for athletic sex
D                G       Gm
The whiskey sour on your breath
D   A   G     D
Bye Bye Beautiful

D              A
No more broken promises
A                D
Or playing naked simon says
D                       G          Gm
And yes, I never really liked your friends
D   A   G    D
Bye Bye Beautiful

D                     A
There's no more money left to lend
A             Em      D
I'll live by myself again
D                   G        Gm-------
But if you need me, just say when
D   A   G     D
Bye Bye Beautiful
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