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3 Wishes
 This is a wonderful song and a great artist which in my opinion should be more famous. 
The chords are 100% correct.
I did my best, but listen to the song to get the correct timing.
If you're up to it you could try figuring out the right plucking, or invent your own one.

Song:  3 Wishes
Artist: Dave Thomas Junior
Album: The Prize

Capo on the 3rd fret

Intro: [G] [Cadd9] - [Am7] [G/B] [Cadd9] [D]

[G]If you had three wishes 
[Cadd9]Tell me what they'd be 
A [Am7]fancy car, a [G/B]new guitar 
Or that [Cadd9]money grows on [D]trees

[G]If I had three wishes 
[Cadd9]I tell you what they'd be 
[Am7]If I had three [G/B]wishes 
[Cadd9]You would [D]be all [G]three

[G]You know how the rules go 
You [Cadd9]can't wish for world peace 
Or [Am7]wish for love from [G/B]anyone 
And we're [Cadd9]letting old friends [D]be

[G]You can't wish for more wishes 
But [Cadd9]that don't bother me 
Cause [Am7]if I had three [G/B]wishes 
[Cadd9]You would [D]be all [G]three

[Em]I could [Cadd9]say I wanna [G]fly 
But that would [D]get old after a [Em]while 
A million [Cadd9]things that I could [G]do 
But they'd be [D]nothing without you [Cadd9]
So I can't think of anything

[G]If you had three wishes 
[Cadd9]Do you know what they'd be 
Would [Am7]one get saved for a [G/B]rainy day 
Or for [Cadd9]someone more in [D]need

[G]If I had three wishes 
[Cadd9]I tell you what they'd be 
[Am7]If I had three [G/B]wishes 
[Cadd9]You would [D]be all [G]three

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