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Im In A Philly Mood
"I'm in a Philly Mood" - Daryl Hall
 From the album "Soul Alone" (1993)

This one is definitely meant to be played on a keyboard. I think these chords are pretty accurate
though, either way..

Intro: (see chorus chords below)


F#m7                      Bm7
Turn out the light - I can see your face

F#m7                   Bm7
It's you and I - in the time and place

F#m7               Bm7
The radio playing Teddy's groove

F#m7                       Bm7              A+/D#
The city nights - nothing love couldn't do


Dmaj7              C#7
Oh  baby   it's been too long

E/F#      F#
I need to feel the same thing

D/E             E
That made that time our own



let's make it groove

D/E       E
Taking it nice and smooth

Amaj7        E/G#
I'm in a Philly mood

F#/A#           B
Oh, baby come down

D/E       E
I wanna hold you now

I'm in a Philly mood
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