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A Good Day To Run
A Good Day To Run 
(Darryl Worley/Bobby Tomberlin)

4/4 Key = G (see note at bottom)  

Verse 1

Intro:  G  D/F#  G
I'm tired of working every day for a dollar.
About to choke on my own blue collar.
C/D              G   
This ain't gonna last.
Misled by the grand illusion.
I've come to this conclusion.
C/D                     G
I can't make a move too fast.
Em/D                  D/F#
It was written in the sky today,
C/D            G       Em                D/F#        G
By the morning sun. It sure looks like a good day to run.

(go to chorus and 1st. ending)

Verse 2

My baby's been working as a cashier.
She didn't get a vacation this past year.
C/D             G
Now it won't be long.
We don't need no destination.
Just a tank of gas and a good clear station,
C/D                  G 
Playing our favorite song.
Em/D                      D/F#
There're some places that we ain't been,
C/D                  G
Some things we ain't done.
       Em                D/F#        G
And it sure looks like a good day to run.

(go to chorus and 2nd ending)


G                C/D
Wide open down a two-lane highway,
D/F#                      G
It's about time that some things went my way.
G                     C/D
Throwing troubles out to the wind and,
    D/F#                          G
I'm praying that they never catch up again.
G                C/D               D/F#
I'm gonna say my worrying days are done.
    C/D               D          
And this looks like a good day to

               C/D  G  D/F#  G
   1st Ending:  run.          (go to verse 2)

               G    D/F#  G  G  C/D  D/F#  G
   2nd Ending:  run.  (Instrumental - first 3 lines of chorus; then sing:)

                     G                C/D               D/F#
               Yeah, I'm gonna say my worrying days are done.
                   C/D               D/F#        C/D   G     
               And this looks like a good day to run___.
                 G           C/D  G     G           C/D   G
               A good day to run__.   A good day to run.
                  G               C/D           G
               We got a good good day__, Whoa - oh.


The recorded version has a nice upbeat tempo and is in the key of Gb.  In this
key the chords (in the same order as above) would be Gb, Db, B and Ebm.
Another option would be to capo the 1st fret and use chords in the key of F.
In this case the chords (in order) would be F, C, Bb and Dm.  I tried
playing it both ways, but the chords changes were awkward and I did not care
for the sound.  The key of G (used in my interpretation) provides for nice
full sounding chords.  Enjoy!
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