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Dive In
dive in 
taken from the album dive 
this song sums up everything 
E       F#M7      A      Amaj7
E       F#M7      A      C#M

So what’s it all about
I can’t work you out
A                           C#M
There’s chemistry between us
Getting hard to disguise
Still your holding back 
Some kind of panic attack 
A                        C#M
Treading water when you 
Really should be turning the tide
C#M                B            Amaj7        
Don’t spend a lifetime waiting 
Don’t tell me no
A            F#M7
Just let go 
E                                   F#M7
If you want it then you’ve got it 
A                                   C#M
Don’t let this moment pass you by 
Take a long shot 
Give it all you got 
A                                C#M
Youll never know unless you try 
C#M                         B
You can only sink or swim 
A                F#M7
Baby just dive in

Next Verse Bridge and chorus are the same




C#m                   B
Just dive in just dive in 
Lets dive in 
C#M                 B
Into the blue into the deep 
C#M                 B
Into the mood tonight 
C#M   B 
Dive in

A                   F MAJ 7 
Come in and lets dive in
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About the artist behind Dive In:

Darius Milhaud (IPA: [darjys mijo]) (September 4, 1892 – June 22, 1974) was a French composer and teacher. He was a member of Les Six -also known as the Groupe des Six - and one of the most prolific composers of the 20th century. His compositions are particularly noted as being influenced by jazz and for their use of polytonality (music in more than one key at once).

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