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Theyre Talking
pretty simple great song no taps for it so i had to learn it by ear see what you 
think i recon its right.

Heat blinded feelers
can still smell the cheaters 
hiding in doorways 
and hallways and stairwells 
sneaking and peeking 
through keyholes for answers 
F#m					D          E
to questions that everyone's just too afraid to ask 
A                        E
we all expect too much 
 		   D           E		A
now I think that I need to fade away fast 
 			  F#m                              C#m                          E
I heard that he said that she heard a whisper behind someone's back    	
I don't know who's back was whispered 
behind was it mine this 
whole world seems 
D              E
poised for attack 
A                                             E
Sometimes we all expect too much 
 		   D           E		  A
now I think that I need to fade away fast

A				F#m  C#m E
they're talking out there

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