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What If Im Wrong
We could wrestle with tomorrow
Till tomorrow's in the past
Cause i have torn apart what's beautiful
       F	     (G/F)
To prove that nothing last
I have stayed locked behind this door
To show there's no way out
I've got lost within the space between
       F               (G/F)
 the question and the doubt

Am (you can add G on the first string)
On an ordinary day
In an ordinary way
I have combed the cracks of virtue, 
        F	         (G/F)
for a place to lay the blame
And I have hated, I have lied
Been guilty and denied
I've dismissed the ones who question me,
    F	           (G/F)
declaring, "I am right!"

Am  C
What if I'm wrong?
                 Dm7  F  (G/F)
What if I'm wrong?

I have built a wall between what I believe and what is true
I have sacrificed the love I have for power over you
I have inflicted those who disagree and walked over the weak
I have placed a gun within the mouth of those who dare to speak

On an ordinary day
In an ordinary way
I have crushed the minds of children with extraordinary shame
I have carried on this war, though no one wins an endless fight
I have claimed that God is guiding me, and killed to prove I'm right

What if I'm wrong? (4x)

Em               Am
Is this soul worth saving at all?
Em                                 Am
Because if I lose my wings, then surely I must fall
  Dm7           F         (G/F)
And God, thank..for ..

C                         Am
We could wrestle with tomorrow till tomorrow's in the past
We could tear apart what's beautiful 
     F                 (G/F)
to prove that nothing last
We could stay locked behind the doors to show there's no way out
We got lost within the space between the question and the doubt

What if we're wrong? 
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About the artist behind What If Im Wrong:

Damien Rice (born December 7, 1973) is an Irish folk singer. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, to George and Maureen Rice and was raised in Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland. [1]

He has released five albums: O, B-Sides, 9, Live At Fingerprints Warts & All, and Live from the Union Chapel.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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