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Seen a few tabs on here, the way I play it is slightly different so here goes.
ps names of chords = all very wrong, having never had a lesson I play by ear
and call em what I think they should be :p

Capo 6th

G - 320033
G/F# - 200033
Em7 - 022033
Cadd9 - 032033
Am7 - 002233
D - 000232
Bm - 224432
Am - 002210
Em - 022000


Nothin unusual
Nothin strange
Em7                Cadd9
Close to nothin at all
Same old scenario
Same old rage
And there's no
Explosion here

(rpt for 2nd verse)


Em7                 Cadd9
Amie come sit on my wall
    D                    Bm
And read me the story of old
    Am                       Em
And tell it like you still believe
That the end of the century
      D                      G
Has a change for you and me

(back to verse again - different words, rptd for 2nd time through again)

Outro (under the strings lol)

Cadd9 rpt to fade

Like I say the chords are wrong and who knows, maybe the words too ;)
but if you follow the fingering guide you'll get it on the money :)

Cheers all!

Damien Rice - Amie :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
Amie tabs @ 911Tabs

About the artist behind Amie:

Damien Rice (born December 7, 1973) is an Irish folk singer. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, to George and Maureen Rice and was raised in Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland. [1]

He has released five albums: O, B-Sides, 9, Live At Fingerprints Warts & All, and Live from the Union Chapel.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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