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Damage - Forever

A               E    D    E
I'll be loving you forever
        A                     E         D  E
Deep inside my heart you'll leave me never
A       C#m          D         C#m      D
Even if you took my heart and tore it apart
Am                Bm       A
I would love you still forever
            A                C#m
You are the sun, you are my light
And you're the last thing on my mind
Before I go to sleep at night
                 A            C#m
You're always around when I'm in need
When trouble's on my mind
You put my soul at ease

            C#m          D
There is no one in this world
        Bm                E
Who can love me like you do
        C#m          D
So many reasons that I
                 Bm         E
Want to spend forever with you (Repeat Chorus)

               A                    C#m
We've had our fun, and we've made mistakes
But who'd have guessed along that road
We'd learn to give and take
             A                        C#m
It's so much more than I could have dreamed
You make loving you
So easy for me (Repeat Refrain & Chorus)
    C#m               D       E
And girl I pray you leave me never

Cause this is a world
        C#m              A
Where lovers often go astray
           Bm        C#m
But if we love each other
D                   E      
We won't go, won't go that way
Bm           C#m
So put your doubts aside
D                   A
Do what it takes to make it right
Bm             C#m  
'Cos I'll love you forever
D                    E
No one can tear us apart (Repeat Chorus)
I just want you to know that
         A        C#m
I can't eat, I can't sleep
Bm                   A
I can't breathe whenever I'm without you
Bm             A
When we walk, I stand tall
Bm             A
When we talk, I only talk about you girl
        C#m           D
Even if you took my heart 
    C#m         D
And tore it apart
Am               Bm    A
I will love you still forever

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